My -Current- Diet and Goals

Okay so I have been trying to lose weight for so long now. I’ve been insecure of my body and how it looks for as long as I can remember. And that’s not okay. I’ve tried losing weight since probably middle school, which was like 5+ years ago. That’s a long time to try something and it doesn’t work.

Well obviously I had been doing it wrong. In high school the most weight I lost during one of my “trying to lose weight” moments was probably like 10 pounds. Which wasn’t too bad but I stopped my healthy habits and gained it back as fast as I lost it. I tried crazy stuff like tracking every single thing I ate, and then when I went over my calorie limit I would exercise enough to get it back down below, I tried doing homemade wraps to lose water weight, and I would even just exercise and ate whatever I wanted.

If I did those things right, they probably would have worked. But I didn’t because I didn’t know enough about how the body works and uses the food you eat or proper exercise and techniques.

Thankfully I learned a lot during my first year of college about all of those things (plus some research online) and came up with something that suits my lifestyle and goals.

Note: This is just what has been working for me. Everyone’s bodies are different and obviously it’s taken me awhile to figure out what makes me feel my best. Consult your doctor, a dietician, a personal trainer, or anyone else you know that has a good knowledge and understanding of how the body works and has ideas to get you going too.

First, I’m following the guidelines of eating as little processed foods as possible. So far I feel like it’s working (I lost 5 lbs my first week of trying it!) and I don’t feel guilty about what I’m eating. I’m trying to work out 3-4 times a week to start out, but I want to be up to 5 by the time summer is over.

Another thing that I think is helping is that I’m doing an intermittent fasting. I am able to eat from noon to 8pm. Before and after that, I drink water and or chew gum (I know gum has -some- calories but it helps when I have cravings or get bored and think I’m hungry). With fasting, I have 2 meals and a snack. I eat lunch at around noon, then a snack around 3-4, then dinner around 7. I notice that I’m eating less and that was probably my biggest problem before.

My main goal right now is weight loss, but I also am trying to get stronger and have more muscle definition. Doing both takes a long time and I hope to start doing longer workouts or even work out twice a day, but I would have to change up when I eat and when I fast. It’s a long road but I’m determined.

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